How To Help People Identify Fake News?

There are many problems that demand an effective solution. As these problems don’t have a solution that is why these problems are known as wicked problems. There are many of devastating wicked problems that our world is facing today. From all these difficult problems identifying fake news is the major wicked problem considered in the online industry. As today’s world is the online world that is why people easily believe those fake post or videos that they see online. Which later results in either hate, devastation and even disappointment.

There are many strategies that have been developed the capacity of the public to discern information from misinformation, science from pseudoscience or news from fake news. So on the basis of 3 stages of problem-solving in the Osborn-Parnes Problem Solving Process. Here is how you can identify false or fake news through 3 stages of problem-solving in the Osborn-Parnes Problem Solving Process.

How To Identify And Solve Problem Through 3 Stages Of Problem-Solving In The Osborn-Parnes Problem Solving Process.

Fact Finding

Gone back the old days, when people got their news through magazines, papers, television and as well as radio. At that time it was generally very easy to figure out if someone was actually pulling their leg. For examples newspaper post with headlines like woman gives birth to the alien are quite laughing stories. And as well as are easy to be identified as fake stories or news. Back at that time, people laugh at such headlines but it is not so funny in the last decades and present. With a massive growth in internet use and social media, fake stories and news have proliferated. There are many sites that write false humorous and as well as stories under any satire genre. The best and well-known example is The Onion. There are many people who think that The Onion is a popular satirical publication. Somehow their expectation doesn’t last long.

It is because if you click on the sites ‘About Us’ section you will find information that says among similar other humorous bits. At the present time ‘The Onion’ is enjoying now with more than 4.3 trillion readers and as of now has grown to ma very big informational organization in the human history. As compared to ‘The Onion’ which shows at least that it is a rumor or fake news. But there are much more other publication and websites that don’t even insist to provide and disclose the real fact. They always try to pass themselves as one of the real sites by never disclosing the secret. All this majorly is done to receive traffic and revenue which later results in the rapid spread of fake news and misinformation.

The main conclusion now comes that what should be done to avoid trapping in fake news permit. Well, the best and effective way to ignore unreliable sources and always read reliable and trusted resources like Forbes, Wikipedia etc.

Idea Finding

Considering unreliable sources out and considering reliable sources it is the other main step you can take to get realistic news rather than the fake news and rumors. So, if it comes to the website and searching which website is reliable and which is not. You can easily distinguish between that also. Just read the news carefully and scan what is written and whats the meaning that belongs to the context. Likewise, if you read a story that “President Suffer Heart Attack” then it will quite look plausible. But somehow if the other headline you read that says “Granny Mates With Crocodile”, “8-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Discover A Cure For Cancer” and as well as the stories like Sky Over Cit Oklahoma Rains Dogs And Cats. Without a doubt and within some seconds you will easily be able to find that these are fake news. Just created to make people read it and believe that it is true. So, it is a quick measure that you can take to make yourself free from the trap of fake news poster.

However, sites like Facebook are also a great platform for sharing fake and clickbait news. So, that is why always look twice before liking and sharing the image. Because it is quite better than later getting disappointment from your friends and family members. One of another great way to identify fake news is searching in other related sites. Like if you get an information that “President suffering from a heart attack” in the website That is relatively a new website, In that case, you can look into the big news website like Times, CNN, CBS etc and can check that same information is written on that website or not. If it’s written than it is true but it doesn’t then it is likely untrue. In that case, avoid that site which shows fake news like this.

Solution Finding

There are many solutions that one can use to make himself or herself safe from identifying fake news. One of the ideas I have generated is always checked the source of any information posted online or offline. Whenever you read a piece of news or story online to identify it is true or not you can easily check its source. If it had provided a source and the source is reliable than hundred per cent information is correct. But if the website doesn’t provide any source and information is based on dreamy basis then it is likely an untrue application. That is why considering checking source can be an easy and effective way to help people identify fake news, posts and as well as stories.

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By using this technique and as well as above mentioned fake news identifying steps. You will surely be never be confused between identifying a news is real or not. Within a few seconds, you can easily identify fake news for sure through these effective steps.

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