Pete White

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Pete White


"Innerspace is NOT a classic!"
Other Names
Real Name: Peter White
Casper, Pink Phantom, Pink Pilgrim, White Leader
1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch
Conjectural Technologies

[edit] Biography

Co-founder of Conjectural Technologies with Master Billy Quizboy, there are many words that could be used to describe Pete White... starting with "white". Pete is an albino who works and lives with his best friend, Billy Quizboy.

His first known association with the Ventures came in college where he went with Dr. Venture, Baron √únderbheit and The Monarch, and where he hosted a New Wave radio show called "The White Room". Billy and other characters have speculated that he is gay. However, he is shown to have interest in Dr. Girlfriend and Triana Orpheus. Pete also has a tendency towards some mean spirited jokes as well as a passive aggressive nature. His tendency to gravitate towards notable figures such as Rusty Venture has earned him the sobriquet "Star fucker."

After college, White and Billy Quizboy worked in tandem on a Jeopardy-styled gameshow, called "QuizBoys" in which Pete hosted and Billy participated, with Pete using makeup and a black wig to hide his albinism. After a debacle concerning the show seeding Billy's answer display with the correct answer, regardless of what he put down, White and Quizboy were fired and left to find new lives. While the two had a short falling out, Pete eventually rejoined Billy (after his short unwanted stint with O.S.I. and his task of spying on Phantom Limb). They find refuge in a trailer near the Venture Compound.

Billy's skill as a surgeon attracted the attention of The Investors, who bought stock in Conjectural Technologies for $10,000,000. This money was payment for the future services of Billy as a surgeon, although Pete and Billy didn't know it at the time. They stood the risk of losing this money to the Monarch but by Guild law the Monarch was forced to give it back after Dr. Venture rescued Hank before the Monarch could "return" him.

He and Billy have worked their ways deeply into Doc and Dean's psyches, taking on the roles of Thanatos and Eros in Doc's subconscious and The White One and Giant Boy Detective in Dean's fantasy. They frequently argue over whom is the protagonist and who is the sidekick, resulting in them both being kidnapped in Any Which Way But Zeus.

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