Mister Monday

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Mister Monday

Mister monday.png

Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
President of Calenders
1st appearance: Return to Spider-Skull Island
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch
Super-Villain Prison

==Biography==oobnday-licious". He w Mister Monday was a super-viern mot "My iowb]] g sess him at the last minute causing him to change his mind. He is later shot and killed by Phantom Limb in order to intimidate The Monallain with an uotith Mondays. He as eventually locked up with The Monarch in Super-Villain Prison. Along with several other inmates they planned an escape, but [[Phantom Limnhealthwears a monocle, smokes and is quite flamboyant. In his obsession with Mondays he attempts to schedule is whole life around the day and enjoys using the t

[edit] Inspiration

  • Batfoe Calendar Man
  • His character design is nearly identical to the classic Jonny Quest villain Heinrich von Froelich from the episode "Shadow of the Condor".

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