Jonas Venture Jr.

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Jonas Venture Jr.


"You can’t do that here. You’re cheapening the memory!"
Other Names
Real Name: Jonas Venture, JR.
1st appearance: Dia de Los Dangerous!
Voice Artist: James Urbaniak
Venture Family, Venture Industries

[edit] Biography

Jonas Venture Jr. is the brother of Rusty Venture and son of Jonas Venture Sr. While in the womb Rusty absorbed the entirety of his brother and unwittingly kept him there for about forty-three years. Jonas Venture Jr. or J.J. is considerably more successful than his brother and he is also a much more adept scientist. He is similar to Jonas Venture Sr. in everything but stature.

When Jonas was unwittingly removed during an operation his goal became to reclaim his life and end Rusty's. J.J used machinery from the lab to make a giant mechanical body for himself and attacked Rusty in order to claim the stewardship of the Venture legacy. After the attack was foiled by Brock Samson, the two brothers came to an agreement and Rusty allowed Jonas Jr. the use of Spider-Skull Island as a headquarters.

To replace/augment his stubby arm, Jonas was given a cybernetic one by Master Billy Quizboy, as well as a secret experimental jet much better than his brother's, along with countless other amenities. He soon began solving problems his brother could not, insisting that he take half of Rusty's government contracts off his hands.

Later, he assisted in the assembling of his father's greatest invention; which was only to be activated once, at a planned time, as the human race was not yet ready for it. During the adventure, the Ventures found The Pirate Captain is employed by Jonas as the captain of the X-2. In the aftermath, Sally Impossible revealed her attraction to Jonas and soon moved in with him at Spider-Skull Island along with her son Rocket and cousin Ned.

In the Season Four episode, Handsome Ransom, the Pirate Captain reveals that Jonas Jr. is building the Gargantua-2 (successor to the ill fated Gargantua-1) in the "Watchamacallit, the STRATOSPHERE!"

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